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Services: Barge Cleaning

Hire a Coast Guard approved
barge cleaning operation.

Industrial Maintenance

A barge cleaning process designed to reduce downtime and
save you money.

When you consider the time and money wasted in transporting empty barges to a cleaning site, mobile services make a lot of sense. We’ll work with you to eliminate fuel costs and transportation delays, and we’ll reduce the total downtime of your assets by dedicating qualified people and reliable equipment to your job. We’ll also pay close attention to detail and assure proper hazard communications, personal protective equipment, and monitor exposure while performing barge cleaning operations.

We travel to you — all along the middle Mississippi.

EMA is Coast Guard approved to work on the Middle Mississippi River from Alton, Illinois to Paducah, Kentucky. We’ll perform the services you need where you need it. We can come to your dock or mooring site or you can choose from a number of our locations. Our sites are ideal for bilge cleaning, rudder deck cleaning and other marine services.

Get paid for waste — we help turn waste into revenue.

Have out-of-spec product on board? Our team specializes in reclamation and recycling of industrial chemicals. Depending on the chemistry involved we can not only eliminate your disposal liability but potentially net you a positive return on your cleaning project. We will acquire material samples, perform certified analysis, handle recovery and processing, and market the product under contract with you. For waste product that cannot be recycled we will handle the transfer to a suitable disposal site or to your own storage facility.

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